2020 Project Showcase


We have developed an app that will use location data over a period of time to help notify others if they have been in close proximity of a victim of coronavirus while also providing them with key insights on their probability of being infected.

hc1 COVID-19 Lab Testing Dashboard™

"The hc1 - COVID-19 Lab Testing Dashboard™ and mapping tools will accelerate insight by 10-21 days for Healthcare Organizations, Public Health, and Government leaders to help predict where the next wave of ER, hospital and ICU overload will occur.


Our project can be used by all responsible crisis managers and citizens worldwide. It describes a complete white label solution for anonymous tracking of citizens and the coordination of test stations and health authorities.

Pandemic Spread Simulator - PaSS

It models human behavior regarding sheltering during a pandemic in a simulated city. We want people to be able to create their own simulations. While it is not perfect, it solves our core mission - to get people thinking more seriously about shelter in place.


Together with the leading experts in the virology of the Charité Berlin, we made a chatbot based hotline available, which advises you if you should get tested or not. This weekend we would like to make the hotline ready for deployment in German and translate it into English.


We can use CoronaRank to generate heatmaps, showing high-risk areas to avoid, raise awareness about responsibility to the community and providing predictions about where hospitals might be overloaded in the future based on potential exposure.